lovely fury.

by Katherine

I gave in that time that Heidi asked me to run. It was one of those days when running is simply glorious and necessary. Autumn was just beginning to fade from brilliance, but there was still much to bask in. She stopped ahead of me and breathed out a sigh as she pointed to a patch of grey, tangled barrenness. The mess reminded her of need and greater grace.

I felt frigid chills as she drew
My eyes to the angst-ridden scene.
The air was not cold, but the warmth
Had escaped this chaotic mess.
Unkempt undergrowth dashed by the entangled
Branches of poor-postured trees.
In greenless grey, this bleak wilderness
Whispered the approaching bitterness
Of winter.
Had we come a few days sooner
There would have been vibrancy
And delight in fall’s rich texture.
But she sensed a beauty that begged us to linger.
It was the grim desolation that pleads another garment –
This one of white so white no bleach could compete.

And we knelt to the grace that
Brought order to our disarray.