variegated grace

by Katherine

“Glory be to God for dappled things –“

wrote Hopkins on the variegated grace of creation,
meaning beauty would not be so if it meant all is expected and same.

that none but sweetness is none at all while sour and bitter makes real delight,
and contrast is for the maturing of dull tongues.

that his hair, favorites, talents, and build contrast with hers and are lovely
when the common image is embraced, and their complements color
their world with vivid strokes for truth’s sake.

the pied nature of things is rarely savored. all seem to be
feigning individuality while matching everyone else, and scorning
any splendidly speckled shadows of alteration in person or plan.

yet no season is ugly for the trees or the cities
or the souled lives
that wade through tears and frolic through joys,
all better to savor what everlasts, and hold the hand of
unvariable hope.

“He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:

                                                            Praise Him.”