she laughs.

by Katherine

Laughter is the theme of my thoughts tonight.
It heals, they say, and it’s true.

Camp work has always been good, but my heart was heavy and my body was trembling with my faith when I arrived to start my third long summer. College is freshly behind me and so much of me still wants to linger rather than move on. I knew I wanted this next step, but not with quite so much future still unknown.

I grumble. I want things easy. I fight against joy sometimes. I want my right to weep when things are not how I’d like them. I laugh often, but not always with that heart-deep laughter that is strong and dignified because it trusts.

Four days later, my body is strained and sore, but I am strangely refreshed. Labors are rewarding and the laughter surrounds every tractor and workbench. I like that. Even more, the start of the day together fixed on God’s truth and needing his strength.

And, though slowly, learning to laugh at the time to come.