baptism waters

by Katherine

Swallowed in the lapping waters,

I rose again, sealed and assured

by this resurrection movement

of the work already started.

As surely as salt waves swept over skin,

my fevered body raised to celebration song from the shore,

so also has Christ bound me up with Himself,

dying in weakness and rising to have everything.


Raised with a shout over thrilling deliverance

and chilling baptistry waters,

he was given sign and seal

on our first date, as he ran hard out of darkness

into marvelous light, and

joined steps with me. We help each other

keep steady on since rebirth

and until death divides us.


The gift is kind – for us, forgetful –

And this is the Gospel to see and celebrate

with fresh air, remembering our own going under and

coming up with Christ.

The newest, sister, was sung over, too

as we saw with cleared eyes

and took heart in today’s dry valley

of pride and angry fist-shaking,

because we are not complete, but on our way there.

We are winning – by strength outside our limited

selves, the strength of the eternal

Son, baptized in our skin, obedient for us – and

with us till the good end.